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Andy Warhol is the most over-hyped mainstream "artist" of the past century.  He's also a terrible artist.  

How the hell is a painting of a soup can artistic by any deffinition?  Sure, it looks exactly like what it's supposed to, but if I videotaped myself taking a shit, and it looked exactly like what it was supposed to, would I call it a fucking movie?  No, I fucking wouldn't.  

How the fuck is the same face painted four times in different color schemes art?  If I drew a picture of my dick four times with different colored crayons, would you call it art?  No, you fucking wouldn't.  

You know he actually made an eight-hour movie of someone sleeping?  I'm going to try to duplicate what must have been going through his head at the moment he thought this up.  "No one has ever done this before, no one will ever even think to do it, anyone could do it if they wanted to, but I will be the only one who will.  That's pretty deep.  I'm a really fucking creative person."  

He didn't even do that well.  He shot six-and-a-half hours and duplicated 90 minutes of it.  

This is on the same tier of retarded, pretentious, self-ennobling bullshit as John Cage's 4'33.  "Oh, it's four minutes and 33 seconds of silence.  No notes are played, therefore, it's impossible to fuck it up.  It's the perfect song, dur-hur."  

By the way, John Cage's publisher Peters Edition actually tried to sue musician Mike Batt of The Planets when he released a track called "A One Minute Silence (after Cage)" on one of his albums as a joke.  Not wanting to go to court over infringing Cage's apparent copyright over fucking silence, Batt bought them off with a six-figure sum.…

I'm gonna get a job at the IRS, or whatever body superscedes them, and put a tax on oxygen so that people like this will go bankrupt having to pay for all the hot air they're filling themselves with.  

Go fuck yourselves, Andy Warhol and John Cage.  

I'm going to make a movie that's just two hours of a blank screen.  There's no actors, no music, no camera angles, no story, and no dialogue, therefore, nothing could go wrong.  It's going to be the perfect movie.  Then I'm gonna bake a pan of water and make the perfect cake.  It won't have any calories or flavor, so it will be perfect.  

Some people may think that this kind of logic is witty or original or some shit like that.  Those people need to read a fucking book and get the fluids in their brains flowing.  

Speaking of people who think they're original or creative, or, God help us, "deep" or "mysterious," if I see another photo of a spiral staircase seen from above, or an empty chair on a deck, or a lone tree in a field, or some shit like that, I'll fucking kill myself.  

Regarding Andy Warhol, this guy puts it in better words than I do:…

Here's part of a comment from user "Jill":  
His program seems to have been one of simultaneous empowerment and marginalization. Empowering the margins by marginalizing everyone, bringing art down to the level of comodity. He neither empowered nor improved art or comodity.

"Empowering the margins by marginalizing everyone, bringing art down to the level of comodity," that's the fucking quote of the day.  
DarkDemonWithin Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008
I never liked Warhol either. To me he's not a "real" artist like Da Vinci or Van Gough.
Jareth-AladdinSane Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008
Well one must take in context of what Warhol was trying to say.

At the time all art looked like this.


or this

Jackson pollock



The whole point of pop art was not to be pretentious. Just to make empty art that isn't anything more than it was. Hence a soup can, which is infact only a soup can. It may seem almost impossible to grasp in the year 2008 but that was infact a very radical idea in the 1960's.

Andy Warhol himself actually admitted he couldn't watch the whole film movie, and claimed to walk out on it's premiere in boredom.

Also before the days of photo shop such an idea of having hundreds literally hundreds of wall size paintings of the same picture was impossible. Andy didn't do them in paint, he used silk screens which is a painstaking process.

Also Andy never viewed himself as an artist. He viewed himself as a manufacturer of art. He wanted to make art so devoid of meaning that it became almost meaningless hence "pop" art. Akin to pop culture.
Most of what makes Andy up as the phenomenon today wasn't really his body of work, but Andy the person himself. Most of his time was built building up latter art celebs such as Jean-michael Basquait, Kieth harring, and Dave Schanabble.

and not to mention andy came up with the sayings "15 minutes of fame" and the term "Superstar" so you can at least give him that. :) lol

But i think id be hard pressed to find any artist that isnt pretentious
Jareth-AladdinSane Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008
Don't give up on pop art

I bet youll love this guy:

Manuel Ocampo (warning very vulgar paintings!)



even id choose an original of his over andy:)
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